• Google Fax

    Learn how to send and receive fax from Gmail for free

    Forget about fax machines! Nowadays you can send and receive faxes using Gmail thanks to the power of email fax technology. Here you will learn how to get your own Google fax number to start faxing in just a matter of minutes.


    In the past decade, email faxing has become the fastest and most reliable way to send faxes without a machine. This way of faxing is not only faster, but it also is very simple to use and very cheap compared to traditional faxing. You can finally say good bye to expensive fax machines and dedicated fax lines, the only things you need are an Internet connection and a Gmail account.


    Let’s get started!

    This is What You Need:

    As you will see below, faxing from Gmail is a very easy process. But before we detail it step by step, let's take a look at the things you need before sending your first online fax for free.


    A Gmail address. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one at mail.google.com. It’s 100% free and arguably the best free email service in the World. I strongly suggest you pick a new address that you’ll use only for faxing, so those messages won’t get mixed with common emails. Alternatively, you can create a tag and categorize faxes.


    An email fax service account. Google doesn’t offer a fax app within Gmail, so to fax from your computer you’ll need the aid of an email fax service. These services not only offer you Gmail integration but also add a host of other features such as mobile faxing, Office integration and compatibility with other email providers such as Outlook and Yahoo!. What’s more important, they will give you a free Google fax number, which will be necessary to accept incoming faxes.



  • Gmail Fax Services We Recommend

    Email fax services will put at your disposition advanced fax servers, so you can fax from your email faster and without having to print and scan documents. You will be able to send digital files as faxes, such as PDF documents, JPG images and other digital document files such as DOC, TXT, XLS and many more. Your documents will be 100% compatible with traditional fax machines.


    We have chosen below the services that best provide integration with Gmail. Note that all of them let you fax online for free for a full month - that’s a great way to get started with digital faxing if you’ve never done it before.


    eFax is one of the leading email fax companies in the market. They have years of experience under their belt and provide one of the most reliable ways to fax online. Their plans are available in over 42 countries (with local and toll-free numbers available in most of them). You can create a free account and from there you pay $12.95 a month for the standard plan. It might be a couple of dollars pricier than other services but when it comes to reliability, there’s no better option.


    They also provide the best mobile fax app in the market, and it is already included in your subscription!



    RingCentral Fax

    RingCentral is another great company that provides perfect integration with Google services, not only with Gmail but also with Google Drive. That’s right! You will be able to “pull” documents straight from the cloud to fax it digitally! The standard monthly subscription costs about $8 and gives you the right to get your free Gmail fax number, and all the advanced features that come with the service.


    RingCentral Fax is available in Canada, USA and UK.




    MyFax has in the past few years improved their quality of service, and they provide a great service that lets you use Gmail for faxing. In terms of pricing, it has a standard monthly fee of about $10 for the basic plan. It is another good alternative for a free trial, and their mobile app has underwent a major overhaul to make it fast and easy to use, but you will find cheaper fax alternatives. This service is available only to US and Canada businesses.



  • How to Send Fax from Gmail

    Follow these steps to send your first Gmail Fax!

    Step by Step Tutorial

    1. Create a new email by clicking on the COMPOSE button in Gmail.
    2. Attach the digital file you want to fax from your computer.
    3. Enter in the MESSAGE field, the information you want to appear as a fax cover page.
    4. In this step, enter the recipient’s number in the TO field, but (here’s the catch) follow it with @faxprovider.com.  So for example, if you want to send a fax to this number 456-666-444 via eFax, you enter: 456666444@efaxsend.com.  What goes after @ depends on each service.
    5. Press SEND.  Your fax will travel at fast speed to this destination!

    Click here to Sign Up for eFax Free


    That’s it! As you can see the only major difference is in the way we enter the recipient.


    After your fax has arrived, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of the delivery process. If the service finds a problem when sending a fax online, it will automatically retry faxing the document until the job is done.


  • Receive Fax on Gmail

    Receive faxes by email with ease!

    Receiving a fax over email is even easier than sending one.  Why? It’s fully automatic!


    When you sign up for an Internet fax service, you receive a free email fax number.  This number automatically redirects incoming faxes to your inbox.  First it “grabs” the incoming file (whether it comes from a computer or a traditional fax machine) and then it converts it to a PDF.  After that, it is sent as an email attachment to your Gmail address.


    This process is very fast and only takes a few seconds.  Once you have received faxes on Gmail, you can download the PDF, print it, or store it, you have complete freedom.  Also, an extra copy of the document will arrive to your online fax dashboard, available through your fax service provider’s website.

  • Features

    Fax from iPhone

    Thanks to mobile apps you can not only fax via Google, but you can also use a mobile app on your phone. All the services listed here offer a companion app you can download for free!

    Fax from Your Computer

    Say Good bye to fax machines for good.  Now you can take care of all your faxes using your computer or gadget.  Forget about finding space for the fax machine in the office!

    Schedule Faxes

    Can't be at the office at the right time to send an important fax? Don't worry, simply schedule it, set the time and date and the service will take care of everything for you.  A delivery message will arrive your inbox once the process is completed.

    Fax from Microsoft Office

    Services provide integration with Microsoft apps such as Excel and Word.  This means that instead of saving a file and then faxing it, you can simply press a button, fill the details and send it straight from the program.

    Fax from Google Drive, Box and DropBox

    Cloud faxing is the next innovation in faxing technology.  Instead of downloading documents and saving it on your computer, you can simply "pull" them from the cloud and fax them.  This is a a great feature that has been added by some service in the past year.  

    Free Google Fax Number

    Each fax account comes with a free fax number you use to receive faxes.  At the moment of signing up you can choose between a local fax number and a toll-free number.  Vanity numbers might be available in some services for an extra fee. This free virtual fax number is able to forward faxes to up to 5 different email address.  This is perfect if you want different people to receive faxes in your company.

    Sign Fax Electronically

    Do you need to authenticate a fax with your signature?  Thanks to email fax you can save your signature and add it to your faxes with just a press of a button.  Keep in mind that we are not talking about encryption here (this comes below), but instead about a digitized signature.

    Secure Fax Services

    One of the main advantages of using fax technology these days is that documents travel safely. Thanks to encryption and secure connections, your digital faxes will enjoy the same level of protection but they will arrive much faster!

    Free Online Fax

    Don't want to spend money at first? Well, you can create a free account and fax for 30 days free of charge!  Well, you can even try out different services and fax for months! but well, the downside is that you'll have a different number every time.  If you don't want to keep using the service you simply cancel your account before the month has passed.

    Fax Broadcasting

    Have you ever wanted to fax to multiple recipients simultaneously? Back in the day, you had to hire a specialized service for this task, but now you can fax to multiple recipients using your Gmail account's feature, more specifically the CC field. Just as you would do with other email, enter the desired recipients numbers (in email format as detailed in the tutorial above) separated by a comma and you are done!

    Fax by Email

    This tutorial focuses on Google fax, but these fax services are also fully compatible with other email providers on the Internet such as Outlook.com and Yahoo!. You can even opt to receive faxes in your proprietary email address! Just be sure to add the desired addresses when signing up for a service.

    How to Fax PDF and Other Formats

    Fax services are able to work with tens of different file formats.  This ensures you won't have to spend extra time converting files just to send them online (that would make digital faxes as as slow as traditional ones!).  The Adobe PDF file is the most common file type, but you can also use other ones such as JPG, BMP, XLS, GIF, TIFF, PPT, TXT, DOC, among many others.

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    Where Do We Get This Info From?

    A site specialized in Gmail faxing with many tutorials on how to send and receive faxes online.  A great starting point for anyone interested in faxing online.

    Are you interested in learning more about how this technology works? In Wikipedia you'll find a complete article on email faxing. It's a little bit technical, but it's definitely interesting to see how digital technology has reshaped our communications.